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CVMPS Meeting Minutes

Castro Valley Music Parents’ Society Minutes

September 12, 2017

Approved minutes: Beth Watson presented the August 2 minutes for approval. They were approved with the addition of the financial information that Helen presented at the last meeting.  

Welcome and Introductions: Kathy Kelley, Michelle Uchiyama, Beth Watson, Carina Zamora, Helen Wu, Emilie Nepveux, Lisa Haidinyak, Larryssa Sadoway, Bob Shedd, Steve Hendee, Katie Burke, Julia Boehler, Chris Lynn, Dina Afkhami

Staff update: All teachers report that the Castro Valley music programs are bursting at the seams! Oct. 18 will be the first concert for the high school instrumental program. The middle schools and high schools continue to purchase new instruments as needed per the Williams Act.

Treasurer’s Report: Helen Wu reported on the financials for MPS through September 2, 2017.

Teacher’s Accounts: $39,337.38

MPS Account: $29,709.27

Membership Notes: Emilie, Helen, and Kathy will work to make sure that the Canyon and High School teachers have enough MPS flyers for Back to School Night. Questions were raised about who will be entered into the raffle (i.e. if a family donates $250 to Mr. Hendee’s band program, how much more would they need to donate to MPS to be entered into the Disneyland raffle?) Teachers are encouraged to contact Kathy with any questions that parents have in regards to this issue.

Membership Update:

May - August general memberships: 45+40+84 = 169 memberships

May - August Diamond memberships: 24+78+38 = 140 Diamond memberships

Awards/Scholarships: Michelle will add the names of last year’s scholarship winners to the MPS website. Teachers who have senior students will remind families that they need to be members of MPS to qualify for a scholarship, not just donate to the program.

Fundraising: Lisa will look into the Donation Match program to see if MPS can participate. She is looking for other fundraising ideas (possibility of Rigatoni’s night).

New Business: Kathy will check the MPS mail box at the district office for any mail that has arrived over the summer.


Meeting adjourned at 7:36pm.

Next meeting date: Oct. 11, 2017

Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Watson






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